African Bulbs: Help screen

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Wish List

  1. The wish list is merely a method of retaining a list of plants you wish to remember.
    • It is NOT an online ordering system, but the expected cost of selected elements will be displayed.
    • You may email the name of your list name (explained below) to Greg Pettit to check stock availability, as long as the email is received within 48 hours of the last cart access.
  2. Any lists created will be automatically deleted 48 hours after the last access time.
  3. The list function is accessed by clicking on the list action button inact image, found at the top right of relevant pages
  4. To utilize the list function you will first need to create a new list or choose one created earlier (within 48 hours of last utilization).
    • Enter the name of the list in the text box and click either "New List" or "Existing List".
    • To facilitate data storage, each new list requires a currently unique name. If the name entered already exists you will be requested to enter a new name.
    • Use simple, easy to remember names like "jane16" or "MrFSmith".
      • Case is ignored in the list name so the second example above will be rendered as : "mrfsmith"
    • While it is possible to change the contents of any activated cart, we trust you will resist the temptation to change other people's cart contents.
    • You may wish other people to review your contents, in which case you need only supply them with the list name and they can open that as an "Existing List".
  5. Once activated, the list button will change from grey to green active image, and the current list name and number of item sets will be displayed.
  6. Clicking on the green button will allow one to view / edit or print list contents as well as change to a different list.
  7. To edit an item set, click on the list icon list for that set.
  8. If any errors are found in the item set you will be asked to "Accept Changes" before continuing with the edit process.
  9. Once activated, items may be added to the list using the list icons list on relevant pages.
  10. Please note: Some items are offered as, for example $6.50 for 3. If one of these type of set is ordered you will be requesting three items. If you set the quantity to 3 this will result in a request for 9 items (3 sets of 3).
  11. If your web browser has JavaScript available, a "Print Contents" button will be available. This will send only the list name and contents to the printer rather than the whole page, which will include the title logo, menu, etc. which will be sent if the browser print process is used.
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